Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beauty & the Beast: Olympia's Musical

This year the Musical at Greece Olympia HS is Disney's Beauty & the Beast, and it opens tonight! I'll be taking the group shots on Saturday for all-cast, orchestra pit, and the stage crew and we were invited to the last dress rehearsal on Wed to check things out ahead of time. Ben came along too, so we only stayed for the first half...

The opening scene:

Gaston livens things up:

You don't see much of the beast in the first half, but here's one:

Hannah is playing Chip (the teacup)!!

"Be Our Guest" is a GREAT scene!

During intermission we went backstage...

Now you can see what the beast looks like, lol:

The kids did an awesome job!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the show on Saturday!

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