Friday, March 27, 2009

3/27: This week in pictures

Today Ben & I spent the afternoon with fellow photographer Chelse from EIEIO Photography! I first met Chelse in October 2008 when she did some amazing maternity photos for me at Tinker Park in Henrietta.

Today she came to our house/studio so I could just be mommy while she took some FABULOUS Ben pictures!

Check out a few that are posted on her blog!! (Depending on when you look, we might be a few posts down)

Click here for EIEIO's Blog

Of course at some point I DID pick up my camera because I just couldn't resist. We worked some natural light here...


If you're getting tired of just Ben pics (*GASP* say it isn't so! LOL) stay tuned in April for some great sessions that are coming up!

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The McDonald's said...

They are fabulous!! A mama can never brag too much about her baby :)