Monday, July 11, 2011

{Kids + Color Project / rochester, ny child photographer}

During this past dreary winter, I took some time to focus on a special project called "KIDS + COLOR." It was a fantastic way to bring out both vibrant clothes and personalities against a plain white canvas, while using minimal props.

This playful first time client was super fun. She was an adorable lady in red, who seemed ready to play a few fun games from the start of her session. "Peek-a-boo!"

The 18 month old beauty with an unforgettable grin from ear to ear...

Over the river and through the woods to D'Marie Photography we go... With these long time 3 1/2 year old twin clients there is never a moment without smiles. Mom did a wonderful job picking out the bright pink and blue shirts, definitely "pops" out against a white background.

You can just hear her thought, "Are we supposed to look at the camera NOW?"

This shot is precious. You can see how much she loves her brother, and even though it looks like he wouldn't admit it, if you look really close you can tell he feels the same. A ton of fun with these two as always!

These two brothers dressed in brown were full of smiles and fun at our first shoot together. Right from the get go big brother was rockin' and rollin' having a ball showing off all of his original dance moves!

Little brother just looked so content and was throwing smile after smile at the camera.

A favorite shot of Big brother glancing at little brother looking so proud. What handsome little boys with wonderful little personalities.

Who wants those boring school photos when you can have results like this young man did? It was his first time here and his images came out pretty great. His deep blue shirt worked really well to bring out his brilliant smile and eyes.

It is rare that a client this age comes in, but he was a joy to work with and we got some amazing angles that a school picture just doesn't give.

For all of you who missed out on last Winters' KIDS + COLOR Project, be on the look out for this Winters' sessions that will be available from Jan-Mar 2012. This project has a special purpose that will only be found out by those of you who stay tuned!

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