Friday, May 7, 2010

{ 1 year portraits & cake smash } rochester, ny baby photographer

I have been photographing this little lady since she was just a bump in mommy's belly and now she's ONE! I can't believe it!!

All cake smash sessions now include some traditional portraits first. She wasn't sure about things at first... I think she's debating throwing that strawberry at me, lol

Guess she decided to eat it instead. This one cracks me up :-)

We put her on the bench with ducky next to her, and she scooped him right up. Love at first sight!

Moving on to the cake smash... mom wasn't sure how it would go because at her party she wasn't interested in cake at ALL. Surprisingly, she didn't want the cake or buttercream frosting, but LOVED the fondant dots & flowers! Go figure!

I love every single frame so it was hard to pick some to blog, but here are a few:

And a big thanks to Simply Sweets for making the fantastic matching cake!


justjaime31 said...

SOOOO cute!! LOVE the one with the duck!!

The cake is perfect with her outfit!!

Thank you Denyse and Simply Sweets!!

chanel said...

Thank you Denyse and Simply Sweets!