Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ben: 4 week portraits

I can't believe it was 4 weeks ago tonight that my baby Ben was born!! Here are today's photos...

When I'm playing mommy & photographer, there's no time to plan out the session, change backdrops and set the lights just perfect. We run down to the studio when we find 5 minutes to spare and just WING IT, lol.

Ben is just about growing out of his newborn outfits (for his length, not weight) so this is a 3 month outfit from Uncle Jimmy. It's big on him but it was fun putting him in something other than a sleeper for the first time!

This is a classic Ben face, it cracks me up.

Everyone loves the giant teddy!


Denise Olson said...

ben is getting so big!!! oh, he's adorable...keep having fun with the photos!!!

Jim, "Homer" said...

Yes, every loves a big Teddy Bear, love those last two shots.