Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Super Hero Party (Ben, age 4)

I love pinterest, I mean seriously who doesn't?!  I use it for inspiration in my business and personal life.  Each March I throw a little kid party, just for the kids to come and have fun since we still can't play outside in this area until April or May.  We are all getting tired of being inside by this time of year!

This year's party is just a few weeks away, and as I'm pinning away, I realized I wanted to blog last year's party.  Simply so I can pin it.  haha.

So enjoy, and be inspired for your own fun!

Planning your own party, and you'd like to have awesome images of it?  (You know you'll only snap a few cell phone photos yourself otherwise)  Just $300 includes 2 hours of kids party coverage and all images taken on CD!  Available January-June only.

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Chloe Anne said...

i love this idea! my sis is debating on what to do for my nephews bday party in october and he loves superheroes