Thursday, August 18, 2011

{ Fabulous Familes | rochester, ny family portrait photographer }

This past year was full of fabulous family portraits! Although Fall is usually the most popular time to have them done, an awesome family session can happen anytime of year, for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes it's that last family photo before the kids head off to college to embark upon their own journey...

Having that classic location will make it even more memorable.

Fun in the sun with a beautiful family! So why not capture it?

It's great to see colors that compliment the Summer season so perfectly...

This families' historic, Rochester, home was just the place to have their 3 children get comfy with the camera right away for some amazing shots!

What a wonderful option if you are low on wall space, and just fall in love with a bunch of great shots. Our 20x20 collage is available as a board backed print, or gallery wrapped canvas.(My fav!!!)

Another great option is Family fun inside the studio! From little kids to big kids, there are no weather worries when you choose this option!!

What an adorable family...

What great color contrasts between their dark clothing and the light backdrop, really makes things POP!

Black and white photos are always classic. Remember to wear dark clothes to get the best outcome!!!

Always love a perfect, colorful little family shot to brighten up the studio!!!

See, I told you an "in studio" session would be great too...

As Summer comes to an end, and busy schedules slow down, it's the perfect time to book your family portrait with us!!! Great family moments should be captured, they are simply priceless...

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