Sunday, January 2, 2011

{ 8 month portraits } rochester, ny modern baby photographer

When I'm so behind on blogging, a few of the details from the session get a little fuzzy in my brain. But I'll do my best here!

I think this little guy was around the 8 or 9 month old mark. It was one of the sessions where mom & dad let me do the "styling". What's styling? They show up with baby in a white onesie and jeans (aka, blank canvas), and let me make all the decisions on backgrounds, props, and additional outfits or accessories. Basically, it's tons of fun for me :-)

Some of my favorites:

Ok, this one I just love, I mean how perfect is the HAT (which says "dude") and his DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

Welcome to 2011 everyone!

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