Monday, October 4, 2010

{ Family Portraits } rochester, ny modern family portrait photographer

As senior portrait season winds down, we roll right into peak season for kids & families!

The forecast was pretty bleak on this day, but we actually had a beautiful fall morning! I met this mom a few years ago in a photography class downtown. We sort of lost touch, and then along comes Facebook. Yay! And since it's virtually impossible to photograph your OWN family session, I was honored when she asked me to take care of it for her.

This first location was just a random spot along a road that I noticed a few days before. Unfortunately we got yelled at for trespassing so I'm not going to mention where it is, lol. But it was beautiful for sure!! (And in case you're wondering, yes this is the real sky, not one I photoshopped in :-)

A short drive to a nearby park and more gorgeous fall colors!

Mom knows I love kids in hats, so she brought along a few to use!

This is the very last frame from the session, and I think it's my very favorite one of them all together! As much as a photographer loves a wide shot to capture the scenery along with the family.... I think a perfectly exposed close up with everyone smiling is what it's all about!

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