Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brooke & Tony: Wedding

I had a great time on Saturday 2nd shooting a wedding with Chelse from Glow Photography! "Second shooting" is just what it sounds like - I was the 2nd photographer at the event, which allows me to capture more candid moments. It's so much fun because you don't have the pressure like you do when you're the main photographer!

The wedding and reception were at the same GORGEOUS location- Inn on Broadway downtown. Everything about the day was just beautiful.

Rose petals lined the aisle:

The ceremony was set up different than most- just a few rows of seats, and the rest of the guests stood in the back. This little girl came from the crowd and kept inching closer to get a good view. It's was so cute!

They had PEEPS decked out in bridal outfits as the cake topper, lol:

And last but certainly not least... the stunning bride & groom. A few of my favorite moments:

Chelse, it was fun, thanks for having me along!!

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